Welcome to my NTS Page

National Traffic System (NTS) For Delivery

Number Date City Call
5162/16/19Grand Island, NEKE0UNM
5172/16/19Grand Island, NEKE0UNN


2019 Traffic by month

1. Messages for Delivery will only be listed for 2 days from date listed.
2. All messages I RX will be listed but only expect you to do local area
but your welcome to do any you want.
3. Any questions feel free to ask.
4. Any replies or services you feel free to do them, a good idea to get full
process in, or contact me and pass them to me and I will take care of them
for you. Remember I am always here to help.
5. My link page has a list for traffic nets
6. Still working on this pages contact forms, in mean time use wd0bfo@wd0bfo.com
to contact me.