I put it together like this and then got a 2A smart charger when it detects full charge is switches to maintainer trickle charge.

I fused 2 outlets for cigarette lighter plugs.  I left the power pole unfused direct to battery.  The winch takes 55Amp but has its own circuit breaker and the HF cables are fused independantly.

Here is the tilt over mast in extended position.  The mast is straight but must have turned phone because it looks like its leaning to the right.  I hooked up the winch to a 20A power supply and nothing.  So built up the following battery box with car battery to work the winch and give me emergency power in shack or for events.

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I started by putting a $50 car battery in this $8 box.  It is longer than battery but you can see in next picture why.