Headset laying on top of box if I need it just pull it out put it on flip the switch and thtats it.

Old Box from old printer switch.

Where the A & B are and I/O on top were the DB25's for printers and PC. 

Filled space between 8 pin jacks with tape and then painted it.  Just covered the I/O on top one as not needed.

New Box fresh start from project box

Selection Menu

I use a heil headset with boom mic for calling nets

and an Electro voice 619 for other contacts.  The problem was switching the two was a pain unscrewing the connectors all the time.  So built a switch to flip them back and forth.  The RX side goes from speaker to headset.  Well had problem with RFI and thought it was the box (old box) and come to find out it was coax running from shack to tower so it is fixed now BUT in the process decided I was switching to much and did not need to switch all 8 wires so rebuilt the box and only switch PTT and TX audio and on RX side headset to speaker.  Now for the pics.