If any BARC members are interested in participating contact Pat or myself and we will see about setting something up.

73 Tom WD0BFO Communications Chair

NE150 Celebration

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The celebration is underway, and hams from Lincoln using the call WØN have been on the air since 1 Jan, and will be on the air from now through Celebration Week. The trustee for WØN is John, KR0P.

A QSO Party is planned for celebration week going from 8 AM Sat, Feb 25 to 6 PM Sun, Mar 5. The anniversary date is Wed, 1 Mar. This QSO Party has been recognized by the State Commission, NE150, as an Official Event of the Celebration, and by the ARRL as a special event.

Information can be found on:

 and on the ARRL website under ‘Nebraska Sesquicentennial’.   Special Event QSL cards will be available free to NE hams.

73, Fred