Above is on the spool of wire on shredder.

Below is on the vertical that is horizontal on the back deck waiting 2017 install in the spring.

On HF I am scheduled NCS on the Morning NE Phone Net (07:30 on 3.982Mhz) on Thursdays and the NE Storm Net (18:30 on 3.982Mhz) on Saturday evenings.  I also work fill in for others when they have to be gone so you may hear me on there other days too.

When I am not doing that I will probably be on CW,PSK, RTTY or JT65 digital modes.

You can get hold of me on the contact page on this site or any number of emails but they all come together at wd0bfo@gmail.com.

Main computer is Dell tower running W10 and I have been playing with Linux on a Dell laptop for almost a year now.  Just upgraded it to Ubuntu 16.04 and have Echo Link running and will try and remember to bring it up in the mornings when I bring everything online.

Check back and check new pic coming to a screen near you soon.

So come back and see what I do with this page.  I plan on making it look better and adding some pic's and more content.  

So for now 73 and have a great day.  

de WDØBFO, Tom

Now below is the newest addition to the shack                         And a temporary 177' antenna.

Selection Menu

Above is my TS-590S

Above is my TS-440S

Now the delivery story (all true)

The folks at UPS said delivery between 4-7:30pm Wednesday evening.  I expected it to be later with the holiday deliveries.  About 10:05 I decide to check tracking and then crash.  It said "Delivered" and you can about imagine my reaction since I did not have it in hand.  About 10:08 I hear bell and they are at front door, it was just delivered, boy was I relieved.  The pic above is still in package but the unit itself is no bigger than my cell phone!  Matter of fact the cell is 6x3" and the SDR is 4x3.5".  But it is to late now so will sleep on it and do install and setup in the morning.

Above is my TM721A