This will give you an idea how used the box was at the start of the project.

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Almost there, this is the hole for power plug that broke.

And yet another idea how used the box was.

Did not bother to make a parts list BUT did get a picture of the parts.

The inside  was not any better than the outside.

Finished product.

I am Tom WDØBFO from Bellevue, NE
About a week before Christmas 2016 I bought a SDRPLAY RSP2, yea Merry Christmas to me.
It is pretty nice but I was not sure I wanted to modify the TS590S to tie it in as pan adapter but knew I could not transmit with the SDR on.  So I would stop the SDR every time I wanted to transmit and start it after that and you guessed it, what a pain.  In talking with some others I decided to build a relay box to disconnect the antenna and ground the SDR when I keyed the 590.  I found I could use the amplifier keying relay accessible with 7 pin din on the back of 590 to key the relay.   I started digging and found in my reliable junk box picture #1 and a re-used (many times) project box to put all the parts in.  As you can see in #2,#3,#4 the box was pretty messy.  So when all the holes were drilled & cut & checked, I sanded and painted it, #5.  I had a power receptacle picked out for the end to re-use the existing hole.  Well Murphy knocked at my door and the connection broke.  Dennis KCØYKN just happened to stop by that day and said, well look what I ran across on Amazon.  It is the two little plates in #6 and with those ($5) and 2 regular power pole connectors you now have a chassis mounted power plug.  Great I said but where the screws had to go were in the open space of the old one so had to cut a piece out of yet another re-used project box that had been re-used beyond its time and made a cover and it works great.  I added a small fuse inline just in case and now I can put the test leads away for another day.