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OP: Tom

Daily HF Net Schedule

NE Morning Phone Net3.982 Mhz LSB07:30L7 Days a week
NE Cornhusker Net3.982 Mhz LSB12:30L7 Days a week
NE Storm Net3.982 Mhz LSB18:30L7 Days a week
10M round table28.350 Mhz USB20:00LThursdays
Unnamed Vintage Net3.977 +/- Mhz LSB08:00LSaturdays
QCWA Net3.982 +/- Mhz LSB08:30LSaturdays
3900 Club CW3.598 Mhz CW07:30LSundays
3900 Club3.8975 Mhz LSB07:30LSundays


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